Terms and Conditions

Joining Foodeaser means you accepted the statement of terms and conditions as below. We will provide notice about updating this statement. Your continued use of Foodeaser following changes to this statement is a confirmation from you and it affirms your acceptance of our amended terms and conditions.

Content and Information

You are the owner of all of information and content you publish on Foodeaser. When you publish your content, you grant us a worldwide license to use your content, non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable and royalty-free. If you publish or post content or information on Foodeaser that is covered by intellectual property rights, you must be granted by the owner of content. We provide an infrastructure to post and share content, but do not grant you the right to post and publish the content that is not yours. When you posted content or information on Foodeaser, it means that you stated that posted content belongs to you or you are granted by the owner of content to post and publish it on Foodeaser and you granted by the owner the right to transfer all pertinent rights to Foodeser, to use the content worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, sub- licensable and royalty-free.

We use the information we receive about you in connection with the Foodeaser services and features. We may save user’s online behavior when

User’s location is not private on Foodeaser. We use your location address to provide users with location features and services. they are on Foodeaser.

When you delete content, it will not be available to others; but it may be persist on some backup copies for a period of time.

Users will not post unauthorized commercial content on Foodeser.

Without our permission, you will not collect user’s content and information.

You are not authorized to use our copyright or trademarks.

Privacy, Safety, Account Security and Protecting People’s Rights

Your privacy is important. We provide you with tools to manage your privacy and your account setting. We will improve these tools and develop new tools for you to enhance your privacy.

We cannot guarantee safety, but we do our best to keep Foodeaser enough safe.

Without our permission, you are not authorized to access Foodeaser using robots, spiders, scrapers, harvesting bots or other automated tools.

Unlawful pyramid and multi-level marketing is forbidden on Foodeaser.

You are not authorized to post, publish or communicate on Foodeaser in unlawful manners and you are responsible for your content, information and behavior.

You are not authorized to provide any false personal information and you must provide your real name.

You are not authorized to create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission. If we realize that an account is created without permission, we will close it or transfer it to who owns the account name or identifier.

If we believe that any posted content or information on Foodeaser infringes or violates someone’s rights or violates this Statement or the law we can delete it and we can close your account according to infringing or violation.