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Cool River Cafe – Dallas

Cool River is the culmination of countless hours of pondering the question “what does the guest really want?”
The restaurant was to be called Cool River. The ambiance would be warm yet elegant. It would have a residential feel. It would offer a fine restaurant with steak and seafood with a southwestern twist along with an elegant and elaborate bar with hand crafted billiard tables behind walls of glass. The restaurant and bar would be separated by an extraordinary cigar room adorned with stuffed leather and elegant appointments. A perfect transitional buffer blending the space. It would feature a sound system second to none.
The space would be organized to maximize energy and satisfaction. In short, it would cater to all senses; taste, feel, sight, sound, and smell.
Cool River’s success and uniqueness has been quite exhilarating and challenging. It has exceeded all expectations.

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  1. Very nice place